Axum University vows to strive for GTP success
Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Addis Ababa, December 29 (WIC) –
The Axum University has expressed its readiness to rally along side the government for the successful realization of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) designed to alleviate poverty and join the country to the group of middle income countries.



University President Dr Mebrahtom Mesfin told WIC yesterday that the university is ready to contribute its share for the achievement of the Plan through producing competent and skilled manpower.


He further said that the university is conducting problem solving researches and other related activities that would contribute share for the success of government’s five-year strategic plan.


He said the university is currently undertaking researches that enable the country to boost agricultural productivity and use its archaeological findings for national income.


According to Dr Mebrahtom, the Axum University is the only university in Ethiopia with archeology department currently producing scientific books of archeology and identifying archeological sites to use them as a source of income for the country.


He added that the university is working to improve education quality through training its instructors abroad, establishing teams that monitor and evaluate education quality and using peer-to-peer teaching program.


Dr Mebrahtom said that instructors of the university are also offering various courses to students of preparatory schools to enable them to pass university entrance examination without any problems.


Moreover, the university is providing capacity building training to teachers working in elementary schools located at Axum and Adwa towns to maintain education quality there, he said.


Dr Mebrahtom added that the construction of a training center is underway around Adwa town with the financial support of the US- based University of Denver.


Dr Mebrahtom further said construction of additional laboratories, libraries, dormitories, cafes and classrooms is underway in the premises of the university at a cost of over 220 million birr to increase the enrollment capacity of the university.


Dr Mebrahtom finally said that efforts are underway to make the university a center of excellence in archeological practice with a view to increasing tourist flow to the country.


Established in 2007, Axum University is currently offering training to more than 6,000 students, he said.

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